Just For Fun


Won’t it be fun to use a “buttload” in a sentence? Ummmm, I’ll have a buttload of that. The problem with using words that only you know at the time is people assume you’re wrong, or being funny. *Sigh* But, you bet your butt someone will try to use this! And it will be fun. Maybe a buttload of fun.

Books & Art & Words

Paperbacks Plus BookstorepaperbackBookstore Abibliophobia – noun: (uh-bib-li-uh-foh-bee-uh)            
                  An extreme fear of running out of reading material—————————————————————————————————
But it’s not the fear of running out of just any books, it’s the fear of running out of the Right books. There are Right books, you see. The books written by a favorite author, The books you know you will read, just waiting for the right time and savoring the time before the reading, books that require days filled with rain and storm, books you’ve wanted to read for years. Those sorts of books. Yes?