William James as a young man? Note says W.J. would have been 20 or 21 in 1866, so that fits.

I’m also not sure if the below pyramid of argument is his (William James) or not. I couldn’t find either of these credited, but both quite interesting, yes? And as these came together, I’m posting together.



Strawberry Fields


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 Does everyone remember “Strawberry Fields Forever”?

And so now that it has come to me, there are certain flowers come into bloom, or are planted or picked, I break into song. Daffodils? “When daffodils begin to shine, hey the doxie over the dale…” Petunias? “I’m a lonely little petunia…”

And on I sing and the flowers grow…

Below is the strawberry I planted in my courtyard in Manitou and was so proud of. Many more buds and fruits came to join us. And so we sang.



Memories of Squeek


Above we have Squeek practicing to be a comma. She did succeed, and impressed many. She would also sit on command.

And here we have Squeek in one of her many box hideouts. She built compounds of plastic bags, boxes, and box tops. Though she wasn’t much for physical activities, she hid out well.


But the most wonderful thing about that beautiful creature is how she would look directly at anyone who was speaking. To hold her, cuddle her by turing her over, belly up, she would keep her gaze on you as if speaking soul to soul. Gorgeous black eyes. I feel honored to have had her in my life.


       An Interesting Word, Reflection


On the one hand, it means to duplicate itself upon something else without being absorbed. It is thrown back. If the light shines upon an object that can reflect, it will appear as if part of it. When the light disappears, the object will look as it did before, unaffected by the reflection that had been upon it. In our beautiful photo, when the moon moves away, the river will be left alone. The moon will leave not a mark behind.

On the other hand, we have a meaning that is almost a total opposite. When we reflect on something, we take it in, consider it, toss it about in our minds. It is more than thinking, and it certainly is not tossed back to the original. With reflection, we absorb the thing we are considering.

And the funny thing about a word like Reflection, when you reflect upon it, you are reflecting.



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Seeing this reminded me of the help line for English majors. On the Garrison Keeler show, one of the “advertisers” on the stories said there was a support line for those of us cursed with the knowledge of proper grammar, syntax, references, etc. Oh, how many times I have longed for that site. To actually be able to ring up and just cry, with a sympathetic listener on the other end. Oh to have that 800 number at my finger tips. But no, the fresh hell of misplaced English-major aggression has led many a one of us to the devil’s doorstep and the evils of drink.

I prefer my martinis dry, and on the rocks.



Start The Week With Love

Some beauty on Monday to guide the week along. More than beauty, some joy and understanding. An interspecies comment on what can be.

Here are some photos posted by Other Perspectives. Meet Ingo and his best friend Poldi, the owl. Credit: Tierfotografie Tanja Brandt

And more, just because it’s so difficult to select out those to eliminate.


And lastly, because the eyes have it:




Photo by Shaun Jeffers

From Atlas Obscura

Thousands of glowworms hang peacefully in this cave in Waitomo, New Zealand, forming a magnificent bioluminescent cosmos. Today, many of the tour guides that offer trips into the caves are the descendants of Maori Chief Tane Tinorau, one of the men who first discovered the cave back in 1887. Read more about the caves here:

I know, I know…incredible, eh? I’m always amazed at what can be found inside the strangest places. Not that the places themselves are strange. Certainly caves are not. But. Finding something so unanticipated and stunning inside the ordinary smashes the senses into a shock-like awe. I can only begin to imagine what this would be like in person.