Those Were The Days

Quite a few years ago my son and I were talking about music and playing a variety of records. At that time, back in Iowa City, most everyone had a turn table and a collection of records. I had a very large accumulation myself—everything from classical and blues to folk and rock.

Janis Joplin was playing, loudly and passionately while we sang just as loud and just as filled with passion. After all, it was the only way to listen to some things. We had just moved into the game of “Oh! Remember when this came out?” when he asked to play Peter Paul and Mary. “Well,” I said, “we can, but I’m really not all that into nostalgia.”

He feigned a look around the room. “I don’t see any shag carpeting…”

Not getting the connection I responded, “What? Nobody does shag carpet anymore. There hasn’t been any for years. New anyway.”

“Huh. And you do know that Janis is nostalgia, right?”

I was shocked. I didn’t know. I didn’t know then and I don’t know now. With some things the old days get carried right along with you to whenever you are.


Janis Joplin on her Psychedelic Porsche, 1968. Photographed by Jim Marshall


Extremes In Time

Doesn’t this look like so much fun? I’ve studied it to see where the sleeves might land should the arms be lowered to a natural length. I don’t believe they would drag too much on the ground. I wish the site had posted photos of different arm positions. And then, given my want, I thought of a garment enhancement to address any long-standing length issues. I’m thinking a hook and eye, maybe even more than one or two, could be placed appropriately on the sleeves so that if one wished, they could be used to shorten and fill out the sleeves. These should be placed on the back of the flowing gatherings so they would not disturb the form when applied.

Then also, I had to think—wouldn’t such a thing be gorgeous today? And well it would, although I do believe it would be more ridiculed than welcomed. Today the critiques would run along the lines of “totally impractical” to “ridiculous.” Certainly nothing for the average citizen to wear. I do believe that many people, especially the critical, would be taken aback to learn this is a fashion design of years in the past.

And I, for one, would have it in a heartbeat even if I had to make up a reason to wear it. So maybe it’s not the extremes of the times—any times—so much as it is the extremes of people willing to embrace them.

Big Sleeves Day - Elsa Schiaparelli, 1950s

Big Sleeves Day—posted by Vintage Fashion Uncovered

The satin pants aren’t too shabby either. Although the protruding pockets would demand a form quite thin. Very thin. Indeed.

National PI Day

Today—3.14—is officially PI day. I think the celebration that is called for is a freshly baked pie. The bakery where I go says that they do sell many more pies on this special day, so they always bake extra, and they are always all gone by the end of day.

Wildlife Wednesday

Guess who’s back? Jeremy Bryner captured a few images of the herons returning to build their nests. The males return first, fix up the nest, and when the females return they inspect the nests and choose the one they like. The males await to offer a female checking out the nest a stick. If the female accepts this gift, it means they have accepted the not only the stick, but that nest. And the male who comes with it, of course.

Aren’t they majestic? Let the nesting and baby making (OK, egg laying) begin! These guys were photographed on Bath Road in Cuyahoga National Park. So does that mean these are The Herons of Bath Road? Sounds like a book title to me.


The Tale Of The Tail

Or, the tail of the rooster and the synchronicity of chickens.

The day before yesterday while at the bakery, a young boy demonstrated either Tourette syndrome or incredibly bad behavior. Standing in line—a very long line—of a sudden a rooster began crowing and all of us turned to look in the direction of the sounds. It was not the bird itself, but a young boy in a striped tee-shirt and blue jeans, arms then tucked in with hands under his armpits and flapping. He was running around the store, through the aisles and moving his arm-wings while clucking. It didn’t last all that long and when it stopped, the boy was leaving the bakery with his arm no longer flapping but being held aloft in the time-honored way of a parental escort. It was an interesting break in an otherwise boring and predictable normalcy.

The rooster demonstration made me think of the lovely photos of chickens I had seen a while back in “My Modern Met.” It was an article about the underrated beauty of chickens. I wished that I could see those beautiful feathered creatures again, and regretted not saving the article. I may have even posted a photo or two in a post on this blog.

So today, what do I see but a post on Facebook titled “The most beautiful chickens on the planet.” And there they were, and here they are—examples of the glorious feathered beauties themselves.


blkChickFor those of us who might want to refer to the full article now or in future, here’s the link.  Roosters



Things are working! Well, no, not quite. My inside habitat seems to be working OK, but the outside, (e.g. vehicle) not so much. Battery again. Road service has been requested. Appointments cancelled. *sigh*


Rebel Without A Cause (Movie)

So. Apropos of nothing, here’s Jimmy Dean. I post this here as I was told yesterday or the day before, that it was his birthday. It was not. He was born February 8, 1931. He died on September 30, 1955.


He was a promising star and an acknowledged actor. He died in a car crash, while he was driving, that took his young life. He is still honored and worshiped by many. The autopsy report is apparently locked up in the county where he died. Some people still question the truth of what was reported to the media, and what might be located in the report. The report (or a copy of) may be checked out, so whatever is contained is not truly hidden. In any case, a sad story and an unhappy end.


I bought some Irish soda bread, a delight by any name. And I don’t understand why it isn’t made year round. Maybe it is in Ireland but then you’d have to go there. I got the bread at the bakery located just before the supermarket I go to. Much closer.

[drafted days ago]


So. From there I filled the whole page and more with notes on how that day had gone and a few previous days. And then, because of overfilled histories on the computer, I lost it and a few too many other things. Because I tend to leave several pages/tabs open at once. And then I couldn’t clear the histories but one data bit at a time. Too much. Then I found out how (yay Google!) to clear all and also opened new browsers. Problem? Yep. I then and now don’t have addresses, passwords, and needed info. It’s going to take me a few to put everything back in place.*sigh* My world is faulty.

While I gather my wits (assuming there are any left) I’m posting this. See you later…