Happy Birthday

The great poet Charles Bukowski was born on this day in 1920. 🍺

“…great writers are indecent people

they live unfairly

saving the best part for paper.

good human beings save the world

so that bastards like me can keep creating art,

become immortal.

if you read this after I am dead

it means I made it.”

Ugliest Poet on the Planet. But I’m sure glad he made it. And now he’s one of the Ugliest Immortals—yay! and rock on!

Just A Little Nudge…

And just when I needed this. And Happy Birthday dear Alan!

Posted by Marginalia

On Alan Watts’s birthday, dive into a wealth of his wisdom on life and death and the meaning of it all: https://www.themarginalian.org/tag/alan-watts/

It’s beautifully cold today, and snow is in the forecast. Be still my heart! The only thing better could be to live in the middle of the woods as it does so. Happy golden sweet white days!

The Divine

Happy Birthday to our dear brother Beethoven! He of the absolute Divine.

Posted by Nadia Nasr

Did you know that most if not many of the great composers were born in the cold months? November—January, and even February. What a beautiful time to be born. Those days when the Pagan and the Christian combine, when the thin time meets the ringing of the bells, when music begets genius.

YoYo Ma joined in to the Happy birthday for Beethoven. Honored to join thousands of people from over 70 countries in a #GlobalOdeToJoy. Explore the project’s playlist: https://bit.ly/3ntAfb5.

The season of Joy is welcomed by the Ode to Joy.