Yesterday, in a parking lot before a hike with me & Tula, Judi & Halle: One huge Mountain Lion. So big he looked like a real lioness. Unless there’s a lion missing from the zoo, not so. The dogs didn’t notice and the cougar took off very quickly, tail twitching. That probably had something to do with someone loudly yelling, “Look! Look! Mountain Lion!” while jumping up and down.
      Our walk thru the woods runs across from a field of weeds & brambles. In the field were 5 coyotes (pronounced here as “ky-yots–2 syllables). They were scrawny & sickly looking–mange seemed to have taken their fur. They were mostly skin and bones. Someone suggested they might be hungry. In any case, they weren’t intimidating, even with their heads low and watching. Someone else suggested that could be my problem. In another case, this is a good reason to have larger dogs. The little ones are not faring well these days. In some places they can’t even be out in their own fenced-in yard as cougars & coyotes will both jump over fences. And a biped standing there is not a deterrent.
      So there you have it. Life in the mountains. And that’s the ‘waaaay things are’* at least for today.
*As the mice say, in Babe.

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