Random Thoughts—or—Thinking Out Loud

  • And the Big Weiner surfaces again. Perhaps the aftermath in the public outcry is what he wants. Part of the exhibitionism? Is there a psychological category for “Just Plain Creepy”?
  • And his wife. The Huma factor. She had to undergo “much therapy to be able to forgive.” Really? Let me guess: the therapist is a man.
  • According to many biologists we have already begun the Sixth Great Extinction. Human beings cannot survive, any more than the dinosaurs could. There’s no guarantee that the earth itself will survive but likely it will. Just as it has in the past. I think we should have campaign buttons. “Proud Member of The Sixth Great Extinction.”
  • It occurs to me that all of the easily accessible news—the internet, TV, I Pads,—creates a problem. Now we constantly know what’s going on. I’d rather wait for the movie newsreel.

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