Dear Thief

Thoughts of the novel by Samantha Harvey continue to tug at me long after the read. So I keep checking back to see if anyone on the reviews has thought my thoughts on it. Not yet. I thought it was fairly obvious that the narrator is not at all in love with her husband, but the thief. It’s not the woman who has stolen the husband, but the husband who has stolen the woman. The affair is a betrayal, but not the way the narrator sees it. In fact, the narrator writes so well of the other woman that we see her, and not much of the husband. I don’t see this as a failing, in fact I believe this makes it stronger, better. It’s too bad that the author doesn’t see this, nevermind the narrator. I give the novel an overall B, not because of the misplaced longing, but because the prose does go on a bit. There’s no break in the pace, it’s pretty non-stop and a bit heavy handed. A good read. An even better thief, one I fell in love with too.

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