Lost Things

I don’t move the chest away from the wall. That is certainly where the lost necklace will be found. I have looked in every possible and likely-to-unlikely place for it with no luck. I’ve even asked the Unthing to show me where it is. Still it has not appeared.

A friend comes to visit. The one with the extravagant hair and clothing and jewelry. She has a soft face and kind eyes.

“Have you found your necklace yet?”

“Which?” I ask, as if I do not know.

“The one with the beautiful long gold chain, the white dove in the middle of a golden disk. The one you are always looking for.”

“No. But I know where it is.”

“Where is it?”

“It is behind the chest in the bedroom.”

“Would you like help moving the chest?”


“Why not?  When will you move it out?”


She nods. “Yes. It is safe there.”

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