the aftermath is still growing

sometimes words become not enough. or too much. too much to be able to provoke outward from the gut and the mind resists in that blinding fashion it has of twisting around and refusing to land. and there’s not a net wide enough or tight enough to capture a page of thoughts much less coherent ones. maybe a few sentences? maybe a paragraph? i’m begging here.

the pipeline will go through. but we knew that would happen. five counties contributed their police forces so they could beat men and women and children with freezing water from fire hoses, pelt them with stun grenades, shoot the horse out from under an Indian boy. Still

a priest friend had his name and title defamed because he wore a pink-knit hat with ears for a short portion of his sermon last Sunday. his name was entered on the site in order to petition to have him defrocked. he preached about love and acceptance.

here’s our new Sec. of Education, who believes that teachers are overpaid:

one cannot sleep long enough


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