Dragonflies & Others


The kids below, from the nursery, look more like Canga dancers waiting for the music to start up. Then they’ll come alive with the dance, to begin.damselDFnurseryMfloss“Damselfly nursery. Some plants are very popular with egg-laying damselflies.”

Mental Floss magazine is promoting the book by Pieter van Dokkum. I think the photos by Mark Berkery shown here before, in Others, are better. They are certainly stunning and gorgeous. At least much more up close and personal. Maybe it’s a matter of personal preference. In any case, here’s The Joker, from

   MarkNature’s Place     I hope he has a book too, tho I don’t see one promoted on his blog pages. Maybe I’ve just missed it, mesmerized as I am by the photos themselves. (This is a katydid.)

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