Happiness is…

Happiness is a good book review! A book review was posted by  Reader Views Michel Violante on Goodreads. Mar 19, 2017 Reader Views rated it amazing. 

After giving some plot details as a lead in, Michael had this to say. “L. E. Hansen presents readers with a well-written, page-turning mystery which I found difficult to put down. The colorful setting and characters are as genuine, likeable, and entertaining as the narrator himself is. The plot is intriguing and filled with twists, which felt like a cat and mouse game between reader and author. I definitely enjoyed the plot, well-developed unique characters, and even the narrator’s voice. I don’t know if this is Hansen’s first mystery, but will look into it and follow her for more!

“The Fat Man” by L. E. Hansen is a ‘must read’ mystery, certain to add fans to this author’s followers list. I recommend it as a Five-Star read to all mystery lovers for sure!”

Love love love. Several other readers have put the novel on their “to be read” list.

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