The State of Affairs

Aka, The Way Things Are

I’ve just disconnected from Twitter. Somehow my personal page got hijacked and many tweets are displaying as retweeted by me. Not so! I tried repeatedly to block, mute, report, and undo the retweet to no success. I don’t want anyone to think that is my site, (just because it has my name attached to it!). Oh, and I redid all of the settings to basically allow nothing. Still it continues. So I’ve quit. This is all too bad as I was enjoying some of the tweets I was able to view. *sigh* And oh well. Bye-bye Twitter.

And, I don’t know how much longer Facebook is going to last for me. I’ve heard that it is over but I don’t know where people have gone. Perhaps nowhere. There certainly is a lack of interaction. Few posts, fewer comments. A good thing after all that.

Tumblr? I’m there but not really able to use it to any advantage. Basically unsure, certainly a novice. (Or whatever is below a novice.) And none of these attempts at connecting with others has led to book sales of The Fat Man. And so. And so this is where we are: me, my book, and social media. It should also be noted that all of this posting and fussing and doing and undoing keeps the writing at bay. Limits it certainly.

Here we are, then, at this sad state of affairs. The lock and load of frustration. The fractals of the Universe continuing without me while including me. Time to write.


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