Oh Boy and What?

The Heck! You say

So I was off for the very long weekend of Memorial Day honorariums. And I traveled in silence, unconnected. How incredibly other-worldly it was. Beautiful and filled with such lovely journeys in mind and spirit and body. Travel on lakes and notes in music. Companionship and dog days—swimming and the joy of chasing sticks. How we swam and explored and drifted.

And then the dog and I returned to this place of our very own moorings.


Cuyahoga Valley National Park post

And heard what happened in our absence. Withdrawal from the Paris Accord? Ben Carson saying that poverty is a state of mind? Mike Pence saying that climate change is just a leftist issue, not of concern to anyone else. Sometimes keeping your head in the sand, your feet in the water, and your head in the sky are where we belong. That our boats may sail on.



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