Home Again Home Again

…Jiggidy Jig

And oh my! What a lovely vacation at Santa Rosa Beach, Gulf of Mexico. It was quite glorious and joyful and fun. A family gathering of the generations from the oldest—Matriarch Rita—to the babies and the youngest—Baby Rita. And those two pulled off the greatest feats and bookended the event.

Baby Rita took her first steps and then took off. Next, to complete her charms, she sang her first song. (I’m not sure what it was but it was great, and got the most applause from the audience.)

Meanwhile, at 87, Rita went to her first Karaoke and also danced! She came home with the latest incoming bunch at 1:00 a.m. And woke me up to tell me what I missed and how much fun she had.

So here’s the view on the beach (sans edits). I hope to clean up more pictures for posting and make a few more notes on the time at the Gulf.


View From the Beach


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