The Ordinary of the Days

OK So yesterday was the day from semi-hell. Rather like a mini-armageddon, or an armageddonette. Between the dryer and the dishwasher and the people visiting to make things whole and the inability for anyone to understand anything, it was exhausting. No one could produce the tools or parts necessary to do their jobs. And there was a bird nest in the dryer vent. (I don’t know why I mention that. It seemed important at the time.) Oh yes, it was only discovered after many unsuccessful attempts to get the hot air flow to actually flow. Need I mention that the washing machine hose was somehow disconnected during the jostling of the dryer? And yes, it was draining at the time so there was water in the hose. A lot of water that continued to gush. It was the giant equivalent of the spilled cup of water that lands on the floor and becomes a gallon when it lands. I can’t bring myself to talk about the dishwasher. I became as nonfunctional as all the other people and appliances. The quotidian routine was unable to juggle the grenade of destruction.

There was only one possible solution. Yes, margaritas were in order.

So today I function with a hangover and, however, functioning appliances and no people. I rejoice in welcoming the ordinary.




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