And Then…

As I thought, and as I am so predictable:


Quantum World: Awaken Your Mind

But then it was a rather enjoyable venture as I didn’t have any pressure on myself. You know, meeting expectations and all that! Which makes the contemplation of GUILT inevitable also, doesn’t it?

Of late thoughts turn to—why do we have guilt? What purpose that? For myself the origin is pre-Catholic as I recall being a tiny child and feeling guilty about something, not wanting to tell my mother. OK, so origin is with parents. And of course there are those childhood pals who gasp in horror or encouragement while clearly specifying the wrongness of something. (Society.) Then, for those of us with religious strictures, there is the Catholicism of life. Little chance then, to manage as an adult without the burden—very heavy burden—of a huge guilt container forever lurking in the back, or very foundation even, of the Mind. It seems to me that after a certain point, Guilt is no longer needed or required to direct a life. Direction is no longer needed. So why the very potential of something Wrong awakes the Monster Guilt, perched in waiting, is beyond me.

No, we don’t need Guilt to keep us on the path of Good when there are choices. No, we don’t need Religion in order to be moral beings.

And then and also, don’t we have something inside that slams the door on Guilt and guides us beyond those limits? That something that fires up Curiosity and Approval when we absolutely know that the Rules, Laws, Controls, are just plain Wrong?

Of course. Copernicus, Galileo, and me.

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