From Bookstr

8 Obscure Book-Related Words You Need to Know

These are quite a challenge!

There is no shortage of weird, obscure, and specific words in the English language. Here are a few cool ones about books, reading, and writing.

1. Abibliophobia

   The fear of running out of things to read

2. Librocubicularist

   A person who reads in bed

3. Logolept

   A lover of words

4. Elucubration

   Reading or writing by candlelight

5. Loganamnosis

   Obsession with recalling a forgotten word

6. Bibliobibuli

   One who reads excessively, to the point where they are said to be “drunk” on books

7. Verbicide

   A distorting of the original meeting of a word

8. Prolix

   Too lengthy or containing too many words

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