Break & Back

I had decided to take a serious break from all of the computer things: my Facebook page, the Read L.E.Hansen page, emails, Tumbler, and this blog. I’m glad that I did. But in the end, to this very day, I began to miss writing down my thoughts here. So I’m back. The only apology I can offer is that I didn’t say in advance what I was doing, or rather, not doing. Not that I always do know. It did turn out to be an interesting experiment. I didn’t miss anything but the blog. Coming here and laying out this or that. This photo pretty much catches what was happening, and how I was feeling. I did get books read, and I did work on the new MS. But as I said, I did miss coming here and now I feel as if there’s much I need to catch up on. And so I shall.

Ecological ConsciousnessT&Z

Posted by Tao & Zen for Ecological Consciousness

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