Lord Love A Duck

Lord love a duck is my favorite expression when things have gone way out of expectation, focus, and become a FUBAR. This is the right here right now of it. After 15 hours of computer insanity. This started out as a desire to make a comment about sketching, or not sketching. All I wanted to say was it seems I can no longer sketch. And post the photo from my Android phone. Simple, eh? Not if your phone doesn’t communicate with your computer or visa versa. But at last. 15 hours to load a photo. Right. So now I have apps and programs and photos all over the place. I don’t understand how something can be on your computer but you can’t find it. And then you can’t get rid of the things you’ve added that don’t work anyway. And no doubt contaminated your world.



This is the Medusa sketch for the statue created by Luciano Garbati. I know I posted about this statue earlier. And I can’t sketch it. Turns out that drawing, sketching, like anything else needs to be kept up just like everything else.

So this is the quit time. Now returning to the real world…

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