We Continue…


Cardinal Dolan and Cumo—NY  Catholic News Service

And now we hear from Cardinal Dolan.

The U.S. Catholic Church “is no greater (an) offender than anybody else. In fact, some of the statistics would say that priestly abuse among minors is less than other professions,” the cardinal said. “Now he knows that, he knows that, and yet he singled out the Catholic Church and continues to do so for negligence in this terribly important area.”

This reminds me of when I was teaching. If you chastised one child for doing something wrong, inevitably he would say, “well what about Joe there, he was doing it too!” Then, as in now, the response is—we were talking about you, not Joe. Don’t worry about Joe, take care of yourself.

Of course. It’s the waaaaaaay things are because it’s the way things are.


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