Extremes In Time

Doesn’t this look like so much fun? I’ve studied it to see where the sleeves might land should the arms be lowered to a natural length. I don’t believe they would drag too much on the ground. I wish the site had posted photos of different arm positions. And then, given my want, I thought of a garment enhancement to address any long-standing length issues. I’m thinking a hook and eye, maybe even more than one or two, could be placed appropriately on the sleeves so that if one wished, they could be used to shorten and fill out the sleeves. These should be placed on the back of the flowing gatherings so they would not disturb the form when applied.

Then also, I had to think—wouldn’t such a thing be gorgeous today? And well it would, although I do believe it would be more ridiculed than welcomed. Today the critiques would run along the lines of “totally impractical” to “ridiculous.” Certainly nothing for the average citizen to wear. I do believe that many people, especially the critical, would be taken aback to learn this is a fashion design of years in the past.

And I, for one, would have it in a heartbeat even if I had to make up a reason to wear it. So maybe it’s not the extremes of the times—any times—so much as it is the extremes of people willing to embrace them.

Big Sleeves Day - Elsa Schiaparelli, 1950s

Big Sleeves Day—posted by Vintage Fashion Uncovered

The satin pants aren’t too shabby either. Although the protruding pockets would demand a form quite thin. Very thin. Indeed.

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