Meanwhile, In Other News

Hearing a word from the wasp, or two or two thousand of the little darlings.

From an article in the HuffPost: In most years, the winter freeze kills off many colonies. But that doesn’t always happen ― and when a colony survives the winter, a super nest can form.

The queens are the only ones who have an antifreeze compound in their blood,” Charles Ray, an entomologist with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, told The New York Times.

He said climate change is one reason for the survival of so many colonies:

So normally, a surviving queen will have to start a colony from scratch in the spring. With our climate becoming warmer, there might be multiple surviving queens producing more than 20,000 eggs each.

Did you know that with each wasp sting you develop more of an allergy to them, not less? Unfortunately many people believe you would be building up an immunity. Not so. Just the opposite.

In the end, maybe it’s the bees that will get us, not the birds—Alfred Hitchcock’s film was close. And what a horror film that could make.

In case you’d like to know more, here’s a site that will tell you how to avoid them once they are spotted. #Wasps#Summer#WaspStings#YellowJackets#Hornets

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