Just a note to tide us over. (What a funny idiom, by the way. I wonder how it originated, but it would take too much energy to look up.) I went to visit the kid last weekend and we went boating. Nothing untoward happened, but I did start feeling a bit scratchy on the way back. Ended up in an urgent care place after a couple of days, and am still battling something. Lungs, throat, head—that nasty business. *Sigh*

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A’s dog, the pitbull named Sullivan has cancer for which he is being treated. We wanted to give him and Tula some time together which was just great with both of them. Tula near exhausted herself with swimming again.

I just finished a rewatch of Justified. It is a great series. The second time around I was able to catch aspects of the show that I missed the first time—too busy being caught up in the plot. Great acting by the all of the cast, not just the main characters. Other characters too strong to be called secondary: Dewey, Dickie, Bob, (the constable) and Ty Walker—the quirky kid who comes in towards the end to support Avery Markham. And it is funny. There are many humorous scenes, especially with the screw-ups: Dewey, Dickie, and Bob. And many funny bits of dialogue. There are a couple of loose ends after the finish of the show, but not enough to keep from a high recommendation. And the ending is appropriate to the storyline. Thank god it doesn’t end it a fizzle as so many shows do, with just a throw-away to bring it to a close.

Jeff Goldblum plays a jazz piano and has a band that plays with him. They have recorded an album: Jeff Goldblum and The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra. He said he named it after a teacher he had; he just liked the name. Ha! The kid played with a group she called “The Glady Quizguards”; she just liked the name. Glady was a friend of my mother’s.

That’s it for now, folks. The tide has come in.

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