Colorado Longing

I know I’ve posted this or something like it, a photo of kissing camels. My backyard. Today once again I’ve been asked how I could leave Colorado for here. I always respond the same—a matter of being able to breathe. Yep, the tale of oxygen. The need for that which seems so simple—in and out. It’s amazing what that lovely oxygen does for the body, the organs, the ability to think. But I loved it there. I loved the place we lived in, the condo, the people, the dogs in the park, playing and running and loving. The running creeks, the backyard mountains. I had no desire to leave, only a need. The need to breathe.

And so it is that life has its way with us. A way that drives us into a vehicle, bags packed, Tula and Squeek in their seats, Willie Nelson singing “On the road again.” The way of it, the way of life. “Them’s the breaks, kid,” someone said. And so it is, how we sometimes put one foot in front of the other and go someplace other than where we belong, where we want to be. The place we still long for, a breath away in our dreams.

Lars LeberOur Colorado
Kissing Camels Moonset (Garden of the Gods 11/13/2019)

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