When The Nots Have It

Sometimes it’s just easier to say what you do not want or do not like than to say that which you do. (There’s a note on previous ramblings about same.) This is an extended version, just to pass the time while I bake. Yes bake. (From already prepared dough. But still. It requires oven time.)

  • I do not care for Andre Rieu. I think he is a poseur. And a narcissist. However and of course one needs to be those things to be a conductor in any case, yes? Perhaps not as obviously—if so. Or as long-haired-blond, look-at-me, about it. And I certainly have nothing against long hair on men/boys.
  • Yikes to Ravel. No thank you. Bolero is tedious and repetitive. I don’t know about his other works; as soon as I see the name I move past.
  • No, no, absolute no: “Post this if you love” me. Love at all. If you can see my name. If you don’t post or share this within two minutes you will die by lions tonight. It will mean you hate god. Or you don’t care for the grief-stricken woman who just lost her: …………(fill in the blank)…
  • No and sad about it: Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. Neither one has made a star-quality film since their bigs—The Godfather & Raging Bull. Though I keep checking and watching their latest films. Such a disappointment.
  • NO NO NO: baby talk for animals. Why do posts make otherwise fine content a reject because someone just wolfs me? Why do people believe misspelt words are charming? Excuse me while I barf.
  • Not to my taste: Beautiful horses posed beside a model. What’s wrong with a real person next to that beauty?
  • Do not, not, not—Stop it I say— call poetic justice irony. It is NOT ironic. In most cases irony is misused. I may have said this before. Most likely. And that is not ironic.
  • Please do not have the not snow. It’s winter. Here in the midwest or eastwardly leaning, we should have snow, should we not?

And that’s all for semi-thinking on this Sunday night. And I managed to burn the last load of cookies. Maybe baking should seriously go back on the list of Nots.

Bob Blair

“Another-wintery-scene-from-silver-springs-park-in-stow-ohio,” posted by Rob Blair. I post this for those of us who have forgotten what snow looks like.

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