White fijo de dust and scare
buried alive under five floors,
Closed in a concrete mountain,
What a desperate dig co ‘ hands.

Fijo without a body anymore, touching,
quartered by the shrapnel de ‘ na bomb,
No more nose and lips, no eyes,
in the evaporated air, with no grave.

Fijo light like a butterfly
That from my empty breast you seek milk.
You and me with no more strength in this stable
While holes he kills himself and if he fights.

Fijo drowned inside the black sea
or choked inside a hold.
Three years that I feel you, and now I don’t hope,
that you have come save on the shore.

Fijo you left for the guera
And you never came back home,
You are the last thought of every night,
you are first when I wake up every day.

Fijo cor tight lace still ar arm
Barely covered by ‘ n sheet.
I want off, but I can’t do it,
I don’t want you to stay here alone.

Fijo who falls asleep inside a bed
In this dark hospital room,
The more you don’t cry, the more nun complains,
I don’t want to fight anymore and it’s bad.

Fijo you disappeared that night
Inside a night that has no end anymore.
Another spring is back,
but bring flowers that only have thorns.

Fijo beaten to death tortured,
For days and days inside a room.
Who knows how many times you called me
When hope gave up on you.

Mother. Mother.
Mother you know the pain in my heart,
You who know what pain is,
I will accept my destiny in silence.

But take my baby in your arms.

William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Mercy (partial), c. 1876, private collection

William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Mercy (partial), c. 1876, private collection.

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