This is an excerpt from the 7th Public Talk given by J. Krishnamurti in Saanen, 1972.

“So the mind, which is absolutely quiet, has space without any object in it. The moment there is an object, that object creates space around itself, and therefore there is no space. You understand this? When there is, in one’s mind, an object, a belief, fear, the persistent demand for pleasure – objects – then each object creates its own little space round itself. And we try to expand these little spaces, hoping to capture the great space. So the mind that is completely quiet has space in which there is no object, and therefore an attention, not about something, or attention towards something, simply a state of attention. And if you notice, when there is attention there is extraordinary space. It is only when there is no attention the object becomes important. So attention is not a matter of cultivation, going to a school to learn how to be attentive, going to Japan or India or some Himalayan town and learn to be attentive, which is all so manifestly silly, but attention is this extraordinary sense of space. And that cannot exist when the mind is not completely quiet. And this quietness is total harmony.Then the mind is not dissipating energy. Now we dissipate energy – in quarrels, in gossip, in fighting each other – you follow? – oh, in dozens of ways. And we need tremendous energy to transform ‘what is’ – ‘what is’, is my anger, your anger, your ambition, your greed, your envy, the desire for power, position, prestige – the ‘what is’. To go beyond ‘what is’, you need tremendous energy. But you have no energy if you are battling with ‘what is’.So life is a movement in harmony when there is this energy that has gone beyond ‘what is’. Because attention is the concentration of total energy. And all this is meditation. And one asks: is there something beyond all thought, something which is not measurable, not nameable, that no words can describe – is there something like that? How are you going to find out?” J.Krishnamurti Saanen, 1972

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