The Way Things Are

Last Night I had a Dream-Vision. I cannot share it except to say it was glimpses and also total immersion in Enlightenment and Light.

I am All Things.

I am Nothing.

The funny part was when I awoke I thought I was Mormon. That I had gone to a Mormon Church to uncover the experience.

But then I remembered that I was all religions.

And then I remembered that I was none. This was however after I had told the kids that it had turned out that I was a Mormon, and It looked like I would have to become a Mormon.

And then I wanted to write everything down. And then I remembered I should forget everything and just be.

I went to swimming and closed my eyes and let the brilliant sun though the window enwrap me.

I know the things which are important. Nothing is important.

Euripides said “Mighty is Geometry; joined with Art, resistless.” Posted by Nassim Haramein. “Way to Blue” was posted by Psyche’s Call with Donna May.

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