Needs In Time

A message to file under the “messages you get just when you need them.” I’ve gotten so tired of all the needs from every corner and all of the quarters that require tending. I’ve begun to hide the bids for my time or my money from Facebook and my in box. Especially am I tired of all the Covid news. Yes it’s important, yes we need to care, yes we need need need. I’ve done my bit but it’s never enough it seems. It’s everywhere. We can’t admire a sunset without being told it will go away if we don’t…. and …. I’ve run screaming from the metaphorical room.

Posted bt Ecological Consciousness

Thanks, Universe. I’ll pick up again, a little at a time. Right now I’m going to practice breathing. Breathe in, Breathe out. Peace in, Love out. Life in, Death out. Tend the garden. Play the piano. Go swimming. Right now I need to tend to myself, sit on my patio amongst the flowers. Read.

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