Bruce Lee

Posted by Simon Bartholomé

“When you are awake, you must be fully awake and conscious about everything. This is a wonderful exercise.

Philosophy is itself the disease for which it pretends to be the cure: the wise man does not pursue wisdom but lives his life, and therein precisely does his wisdom lie.

To realize freedom the mind has to learn to look at life, which is a vast movement, without the bondage of time, for freedom lies beyond the mind.

The moment we stop analyzing and let go, we can start really seeing, feeling – as one whole.”

~ Bruce Lee

Boy is this tough to remember tho it sure seems right. Periodically I come back to myself but I sure like to delve into the pool. I’ve been a life-long delver as a matter of fact. It seems the truth is out there somewhere in the midst of some words. Not that words are all wrong. They do point us in the right direction, time and time again. I am reminded of Basho (at least I think it was Basho) who said, “Do not seek after wisemen. Seek what wisemen sought.” Amen to that.

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