Spaces & Enlightenment

Recognizing the Buddha in You

“Do not worry about enlightenment; the Buddha is within your mind already, ready to be seen. But because we cannot turn inward and are constantly distracted, we fail to recognize the Buddha.
When past thoughts have ceased and future thoughts not yet arisen, in this space between fixations, you can glimpse the nature of mind abiding like space; this is the Buddha. If you remain within this nature continuously, you are enlightened.” 🧡

~ Garchen Rinpoche

OK, again with the space. Space between the musical notes, space between the thoughts, space between the thought and the action.


Again with this I so wish I could see. I try. Sometimes at night I practice this. I try to achieve an awareness of the spaces. I do believe this is true though I have yet to accomplish it. And there is a little bit of nagging that goes on too. Is this grasping?

*Double Sigh*

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