Birthdays—Late Again

Two birthdays for October 15.

My mum was born on October 15th, back many years ago— in 1904. It’s difficult to think in terms of over 100 years ago. Once someone asked her what the thing was that stood out above all else through the years she had lived. She replied that it was the moon landing. She shook her head and said it was just unbelievable. Think of it, she said. Walking on the moon. Yes indeed.

The other October 15th birthday for today is our pal Freddie’s. Nietzsche was born in 1844 and died just three years before my mother, little Frances E Hansen was born. That’s another thing to ponder, how things move on so very quickly, but only in retrospect.

And still we move on ourselves, contemplating or not, counting the days or not. One day, one birth at a time. In our own way, as only we can.

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