Happy Birthday

Of course we’re one day late, as usual and in what has become a tradition.

For Ludie’s birth no less.

Posted on the Beethoven site:

Happy Birthday to the Greatest Composer ever born.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Born: 16th December 1770
Died: Never

I love this portrait of him as it looks so lifelike and realistic vs those others that are so cold. And I don’t believe I’ve ever seen one of him smiling. But then he was always in his own world was he not?

One story is told of him coming into a eatery and ordering lunch. The lunch was served and he ate a bit of it. Then he got up and left without paying. Not long after he came back in and ordered the same lunch again. People saw him as the great maestro and put up with his idiosyncrasies.

Did you know or have I said that most composers are born in the cold cold days of winter? Give us music then, and let us reap joy in the cold cold days of ice and snow.

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