One TV show captured the existential horror, and subtle beauty, of 2017 — Quartz

The last 12 months have been marked by political upheavals, natural disasters, and a continuous string of scandals that plagued virtually every industry in the global economy. Though appraisals of 2017 vary depending on the person, it has been an ugly year from a purely objective standpoint—one so messy and brutal and eerie that the world might appear unfamiliar to you in a way you’ve never quite experienced before.

So that’s where TV comes in. People generally watch it for a brief respite from their lives. Who wants heartache or confusion when there’s already so much of that in reality? We want to laugh. We want superheroes to save us. We want to solve fictional mysteries. We want to have things we can’t have, feel things we can’t feel. And there’s nothing wrong with that.


One TV show captured the existential horror, and subtle beauty, of 2017 — Quartz—The Leftovers

Check it out. In the end it’s a love story, and, it’s what 2017 felt like.

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Books and Books and Books


And this glorious assortment has created a dilemma: How shall I then proceed? Which of these is to be the first? The general approach so far has been to work my way through by starting all of them to see which will endure. Poetic, yes? Sometimes it’s difficult to tell poetic from silly. In this case—as in many— it doesn’t matter. 

It’s hardly believable. In the Kline Weihnachten tradition—Little Christmas, the feast of the Epiphany or feast of The Three Kings—there was yet more to celebrate. Firstly, my daughter arrived so we could feast together. And we did. There were more packages than there should have been but is that not always the truth? The greatest of all was the plethora of books. Unbelievable! Especially in addition to the four of Christmas Eve.