Zen & Bruce Lee

“Zen is both something we are, our true nature expressing itself moment by moment, and something we do, a disciplined practice through which we can realize the joy of being. So, what is Zen? Stop trying to get an intellectual lock on something that is vast and boundless, far more than the rational mind can grasp. Just breathe in with full awareness.”~ Bruce Lee

Once again the mystery and simplicity of Zen. Bruce Lee. What a shame we lost him so young. Many theorize that it was no accident and that forces, perhaps from China, did not want him to continue in this world. Some photos of him are just incredible. He made himself into the cobra that represented him. Or that he represented. Where could he have taken himself in this world had he remained here?

The above photo is from the internet. I didn’t see a credit given though it does look as if it is from a movie. The photo I am thinking of shows him sitting on a meditation pillow—zafu—in a sitting cobra pose. It is beyond impressive. It is as if he becomes a cobra.