Christmas Memories

Timoléon Marie Lobrichon, the toy shop showcase, 1880.

Timoléon Marie Lobrichon, the toy shop showcase, 1880

I saw this and it reminded me of my childhood and looking into the magic of display. There was a department store which did a full front and side windows of Christmas Splendor. There were the regular things: a doll, a train, a wagon, and all of the other toy fashions of the day. And there would also be the extraordinary, maybe a horse and cart that moved, or an animated drummer. Crowds would gather to watch the display done up in snowy enchantment. Children dreamed and wished as they stood in amazement in the snow of winter, looking into a department store window.

Historic La Crosse

On Facebook today, spotted gems of familiar (well sort of) places. These were posted by The La Crosse Tribune.


Peter Thompson Photo City Square

This is the building that once was Barron’s, as called by locals. The E.R. Barron Co. department store was where my mother worked when I was in high school. My father or I would pick her up coming out of the side door way on the back left, next to the alley, on Friday nights. Now it is the setting for several small self-contained shops.