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This moth. This moth. Which predator will dare to attack it? To eat it? Look at those eyes. They look as if they belong to some monster. Things like this are so fascinating. Was it an accident of nature that allowed some mutant moth child to survive and mate? To cause an eclipse of moths to take over some edge of wood, of forest?

And again, the eyes.

Once Again, The Eyes

With Suki The Cat

Suki is a bengal tiger cat. (Maybe it’s just bengal, without the tiger.) I discovered Suki and her person’s blog quite by accident. I was looking at another blog that had photos of the bengal cat, very interesting photos and placement. It was not the theme of the blog but appeared here and there. Then, of a sudden there appeared in the comments a note from Suki’s person: Anne-Marie Noble. Anne asked for credit on her photos. She said it very nicely, saying the use of her work was fine, just please give credit where credit was due. She was much nicer than I would have been. I started following the Suki blog, of course, and can’t remember the one I started with.

Here are some photos that Anne-Marie put on her blog. It brings me delight to watch the adventures of Suki. And the bonus is, The Eyes! A kindred spirit in the fascination with the eye and what it contains. How different each one is. That was such an outstanding feature of Squeek—those big black eyes.



Above is a fierce baby Suki! Below is some artwork.



Memories of Squeek


Above we have Squeek practicing to be a comma. She did succeed, and impressed many. She would also sit on command.

And here we have Squeek in one of her many box hideouts. She built compounds of plastic bags, boxes, and box tops. Though she wasn’t much for physical activities, she hid out well.


But the most wonderful thing about that beautiful creature is how she would look directly at anyone who was speaking. To hold her, cuddle her by turing her over, belly up, she would keep her gaze on you as if speaking soul to soul. Gorgeous black eyes. I feel honored to have had her in my life.