Manitou Flooding—Or, how I moved past fire & flood to bitch about Facebook

I tried to post a photo of the flooding destruction with cars and houses and roofs being washed down the road. Unsuccessfully. Very much so. I consider it very much so if I spend a great deal of time trying to overcome, work-around, beat the system. No try and then stop here. Nooooooooooooooo. And so, in the spirit of moving right along, I’m changing the subject.

Things of Note (as opposed to noteworthy):

  • The chain letter has moved into a field vacated by common sense on Facebook: “Say this slow ‘God I love you and I need you’ Now if you meant it Repost & a miracle will happen tonight. Ignore and all will go wrong.”(Oops—is that why I couldn’t post a flood video/picture? Is that why Manitou flooded?)
  • “Vote, vote, vote. Vote often & pass on to others to vote! Vote Now! so that our candidate can win Best Volunteer from Colorado!” I don’t see how stuffing the ballot box means that someone is the Best. In anything. But I guess that’s not the point. And I’m not sure what the actual point is.

And so it goes. Cool mornings in the mountains, threats on Facebook. Fires, floods, sinkholes and civil wars. What ever happened to the “good ole days” when all we had to fear was nuclear war and getting to the fallout shelter in time?