The Hammock



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I don’t normally care for cartoon type drawings and prints, unless of course they are in graphic novel form, which I love. But and then, I thought this would do for our purposes here. It quite serendipitously appeared.

I got a hammock. I’ve wanted one for some while and was very excited to get it. So I had to make a place for it in the living room. Sort of done, if I can just figure out where to put a chair. There’s not much room in other places as things have been moved there already. Still thinking.

It could go on the patio, so I’ve started moving plants and chairs around there. I can store the chairs, just need to get to it. There is the issue of the table though. It’s round and takes up a bit of room. It is not really portable and to take it down means take it apart. Lots of tools involved. The plants (many) will need to be relocated. Still thinking.

The patio is smaller than I realized when I got the hammock. I’m not sure it would work there. Maybe I should just move things back the way they were before the hammock descended upon us. Perhaps I should just move my thinking back to the living room.

The hammock is still in the trunk of the car. It fits there.