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Old books, old libraries, old sofas.


Posted by Bibliocave

Old leather sofas. So like a kid who plays with paperdolls and phantasizes, I phantasize about libraries and books. Old sofas too. I save the photos and plan my next trip around. Just in case there’s reincarnation. Although this first photo looks more like a book store than a private library. And there’s no old sofa to lounge in. It does offer the advantage of a bit messy. There’s something nice about books and paintings being tangled about. Just a tad unruly to satisfy the irreverent in us. Sometimes we’re just too busy working at our passion to clean up as we go. It’s not like cooking after all. So here we have two selections to dream our plans around.


Penguin Random House Post

The Library

Isn’t there something magical about photos of books and home libraries? It’s especially wonderful when the books have their very own room. Yes, “A Room of One’s Own”—for books. But then, it’s always books, books, books…Living there within the scent and tenor of the things themselves.


Room With A View Post