posted by Good Reads

A photo. It catches the eye and then the attention. From the attention I decide to keep or to pass by. If kept I redesign, wander through the room(s), move this or that. Seeking my place in that universe. Things to admire: the desk in front of a window (who are those putting a desk in front of a wall?). The boxes with doors within the shelves. The window within the shelves. The ladder. The loft.

Meanwhile, I jot down thoughts and sketches on the notebook next to me and the computer on the desk that is in front of the window. The thoughts and sometimes the sketches are for the current novel or a future one, or nothing. Just because some thoughts require writing.

Meanwhile, I reconfigure the loft so that it is open on the end and extends a walkway in front of the books and to the ladder. This I do in my mind rather than on paper as I could spend the rest of my life doing architectural drawings. And that belongs to some past of mine.

So then, maybe then I have a photo to post.