Roksolana Lishchynska‎Modern Art 20th Century. Conversation starter · Follow · 23 hrs · Felix Heuberger (Austrian, 1888 - 1968) In the moonlight(Im Mondenschein), 1930.

Roksolana Lishchynska‎Modern Art 20th Century. Heuberger (Austrian, 1888 – 1968)                     “In the moonlight”(Im Mondenschein), 1930.jpg

Those things which stop us on the way to the other side of the page, to the next scene. Those things touch something within. There is something in this that is nameless and timeless. I would have a most difficult time trying to describe it. It is both cold and warm, and it keeps the eyes and heart lingering on what it captures. It is of a moon and water and trees and some ground. That is all. But that is not all there is.

Pause a while and dwell with me.