Glenn Gould


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Here’s Glenn. There’s not a lot to say after that. Such a fascinating character. Such a great musician. And the thing about him that makes him so unique isn’t as much his personality as his distinct style. There are many great pianists today: Martha Argerich, Lang Lang (according to some), among others. But the most identifiable, the minute the fingers touch upon the keys, the cleanest, clearest, lightest fingering—ah yes, that belongs to Glenn Gould.

Happy Birthday!

To Oscar Peterson—what a person and musician! Peterson

is credited with giving birth to modern Jazz.

He, along with Bird Parker and many other Jazz Greats, often played for Jazz at the Philharmonic, JATP. Their records did a lot to publicize and further instill Jazz as an up and coming musical form. That is, beyond those places and states where it seems the music of jazz was a way of life, born before records themselves. That was mainly in the south, and then New York, Detroit, and Chicago.

Luckily, I managed to hang on to the JATP among my collection, and I still have them. Of course occasions such as this prompt me to play some of that music! And jazz, it seems for many of us, must be played loudly.

More Jokes…


And the artist. And Music. Apparently, from the clipped note above, Mozart and Haydn did indeed have fun so who’s to say they didn’t drop the occasional joke into the music score?

There are many notes and quoted letters that attest to Mozart’s potty mouth. He loved the scatalogical and seemed to have the sensibilities of a fifth grader. All of which you’d never know from the posed photos.


Both posts are from Tutti Mozart on Facebook. You might want to look at the page.

Hieronymus Bosch & Music


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Many of our artists have fun with what they do like our friend Bosch—a great example. I wonder how many writers and painters and other artists have played a joke within their works, only to have those things slip by us. Not that it would matter to the creator, I’m sure. The fun is in the doing, yes?

And then, someone took the notes (in Gregorian Chant) from the butt and played them. The score was then placed on the pianist’s blog where it has gained much attention. Here is the link to the music:

Sitting at the piano in the Adams Recital Hall at OklahAmeliaHamrickoma Christian University, honors student Amelia Hamrick performed the 27-second piece of music that she discovered on a more than 500-year-old painting by Hieronymus Bosch. And what did she call the music she played and posted? Why, Butt Music, of course.

And The Modes Have It!


And here we have the Modes so noted. (Yes, couldn’t resist.) However, I had never heard of them before. But I did leave music school years ago, and the refresher training a few years back. And I have never been one for the technical side of it. Looking up the definition didn’t help much. There are modes in math also, which makes sense. In the end though, I’ll leave this behind and not carry it with me. It’s enough sometimes, to know that something exists.