How great to be original, different, creative. My favorite descriptors, all the more potent when come to life. Below we see  fanciful tin ostriches embodying the season.

Slice ofLife

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In my own attempt to glorify my patio and because, I speculate, I’m always willing to push the limits, I went over the patio line. Yes, fully aware I infringed on common ground. Where previous dogs had peed on the ornamental grass outside our building and successfully turned beauty into brown death and yellowed greenery, I placed a large container with an ornamental grass. I thought it looked lovely. So did my neighbors. (The grounds people had given up on replanting as that had turned into a suicide mission for the grass.) I thought they (the dogs) could lift away and do nothing to the large brown pottery.

Then, successful with that, I put a large flowering hydrophone out away from the patio. I then purchased some large tiles to place for stepping into my patio from the sidewalk. As it is always being used for a footpath, it is wearing the grass into dirt. I then placed the purple hydrophone on one of the tiles to come to a realized glory in the sun.

Two days ago, while mowing the lawn, the grounds people took up the tiles and placed them and the hydrophone on my patio. When they were finished, I put the tiles and plant back to their previous state. Today someone else took up the tiles, the hydrophone, and the ornamental grass and placed them ingloriously on my patio. As there was no yard work being done, I must conclude it was a management minion in action.

Message received.  I guess brown and yellow are preferred expressions of apartment living, as long as the rules are obeyed. So now I’m sulking. I’m mostly sulking because my beautiful hydrophone will no longer get enough sun. And the lovely ornamental grass in the large brown pot that coordinated with the grounds elsewhere has been replaced by a mound of dirt.

My patio is so small that I could not now sit out there if I wanted to. The table is covered in flowering plants and the two chairs have been shoved out of the way so as to make it impossible to open the storage doors out there. It’s nothing other than ridiculous for me to be pouting and sulking. But I am. Really.

Strawberry Fields


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 Does everyone remember “Strawberry Fields Forever”?

And so now that it has come to me, there are certain flowers come into bloom, or are planted or picked, I break into song. Daffodils? “When daffodils begin to shine, hey the doxie over the dale…” Petunias? “I’m a lonely little petunia…”

And on I sing and the flowers grow…

Below is the strawberry I planted in my courtyard in Manitou and was so proud of. Many more buds and fruits came to join us. And so we sang.