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Posted by Poetic Outlaws: Plato is boring. In reality, my distrust of Plato is fundamental. I find him so very much astray from all the deepest instincts of the Hellenes, so steeped in moral prejudices, so pre-existently Christian…

Plato is a coward in the face of reality—consequently, he takes refuge in the ideal.

— Nietzsche

I love this and had not heard it before. And, I love the word pre-existently! Isn’t that something? Plus, pre-existently Christian. What a concept. I don’t know that I agree, but that isn’t the point, is it. So anyway, this is indeed more about Nietzsche than Plato just as all writings are. As we write about others we reveal ourselves. Of course my love for the radicals, the outliers, the rebels is why I write and post as I do.

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