I found this as I was getting ready to go get some brownies along with usual supplies of milk and soda. OK, and maybe some ice cream. I know, this is not about food stuffs, or gluttony, or is it? Didn’t we learn that all grasping, all wanting and desiring is what leads to all suffering? But I also seek. I seek in all of the books that I read, in all of the practices I make. I seek. For me, when I get all wound up in trying to figure something out, when I have the grace to become mindful, I let go. I tell myself to let go. And there’s nothing wrong with ice cream.

Ed Crowley

A young monk
asked the Sage:
‘Can you help me quiet
my mind from this
endless stream
of thoughts?’

The Sage replied:
“Bring me this
mind of yours”

The monk responded:
‘When I seek it
I cannot find it.
It seems it can’t
be grasped.’

The Sage stated:
“Graspless and
neither here nor there.
How can you quiet
what is not there?”

Suddenly Realizing
the ‘nothingness’ of
knowing ‘no mind’

The monk released
all clinging and any
grasping of thoughts

The monk “Awoke”
experiencing the
Nameless Essence

Within the
of Silence

The Unknown Wanderer
simply walked the Way
without another word ~

epc 1956-

(Inspired by ancient
wisdom parables)



Sitting with grief does not seem to lend itself to a meditative calm. Perhaps the Practice needs be so second nature that it—the Something that reaches out to soothe, to comfort, is summoned then and there. Or perhaps it is the message that even grief, in its own justification for being, is something that feeds the ego. The ego of self.


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When the walking is difficult we sit. When the sitting is difficult we lie down in our beds. When that cannot be done, it no longer matters.

5 Practices for Nurturing Happiness

tnh-lionsroarBy Thich Nhat Hanh,        February 23rd, 2017

Most everyone has heard of TNH. He continues to be an inspiration and guide for Practice. This is an interesting article on Lion’s Roar. Posted on Facebook. And all of us, admitted or not, seek happiness for ourselves. Maybe even those we love.