Yeah, Well…

Posted by Sanjay Sanghvi

There is this, isn’t there. I expect I’ve posted this before as it’s my own personal deadly sin. The sin of SLOTH.

And a belated happy birthday to Jos Heller. A good man, a good writer. One still revered and honored as well he should be.

Joseph Heller’s Birthday was May 1, 1923. He of course wrote Catch 22, a novel much quoted still today, or at least referred to although few know of the origin. An absurd or contradictory choice. (You have to be insane to want to stay in the army. You want to get out, plead insanity. Ha! If you’re insane you wouldn’t want to get out! A catch 22.)

And that’s the way things are, this today, this now.


Oh my word there’s a word for that? I have this. I’m sure it’s a disease. I love being up early & being the only one awake and about. It is a magical time of the day. The problem is that once I get out of that habit it’s very difficult to regain. This is my actual natural state—that of dysania. And it’s not an inherited one. I come from a family of early risers. I’ve always crossed this off to one of the seven deadly sins: Sloth. Oh slothful am I! And the victim of a state of being. *Sigh* But, would not an affliction by any other name smell as sour? (To paraphrase the Bard.)