Merry Christmas

To All…

…And to all, a good night

Pounded out of 18K gold, lined with diamonds and pearls. The tree of wishes and light. May we all have golden thoughts of Peace, and diamonds that light our paths and give us compassion for ourselves as well as all beings on earth. May Pearls of love surround us and give us strength to move on and upward, until the heavens be our home, and our Spirits soar free.

The Guardian Of The Woods

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So many artists of all ilks, writers, painters, poets, dreamers, have all sung of the powers that live in the woods. Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream” gives us the Faeire Queene that came from Spencer. Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote of a world containing evil in the darkness of the great forests, or at least in the mixing of medicines from the herbs and flowers gathered there. There are the robed monks that wander the wonderland, working their magic, white and black. Today’s writers of horror stories continue the tradition, (e.g., “The Cabin in the Woods” along with others). Even children’s songs: “Don’t go down to the woods today…the day the teddy bears have their picnic…” (A mixed message, that.)

Father Christmas—much older than our Santa Claus, came from an old English folklore, and didn’t he walk through the woods? Originate there?

And the Tree! Our beautiful, green, pinetree, cut from the forest and brought into our homes. That tree of Pagan origin, symbolizing everything grown and come to life from the forest deep—is brought to us by the woodman through snow and dreams.

Pagan & Christian, White & Black—through the woods.

Wondering Wonder


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It is so impressive when someone can make a work of art from something in nature without destroying the original. See here this Tree-Woman. Each blends into the other and in so doing makes another whole. I wonder how long it took to grow this tree in the fashion of the art. I wonder if it’s like Michelangelo said, It’s not that you make the object into something—you release what is already there within.


Isn’t it amazing how the simplest things can be amazing? Amazing and surprising. This is the type of photo I would use back when I was teaching. I’d ask the kids to write everything they could see in the picture. Some papers came back written on both sides. Others of course would say just the basics. Still there was always the joker who would say something like, tree. Ah yes, in the eye of the beholder.


Winter lingers on Cape Breton Island, Canada. Photo by Kris Tynski