Anthony Weiner–Seriously?

I just read in the New York Daily Intelligencer that Weiner’s sexting was a “Twitter Slip-up.” Of course there was more to the story than that, and it wasn’t the focus of the article. There were more comments, both positive and negative sprinkled throughout the piece. Like commas tossed in an essay. And Weiner was “surprisingly honest.” I wonder how we’d know that? After all, he is going to run for office. Mayor of New York no less.

The article reflected kindly on both Anthony and his wife Huma. Compassion and forgiveness are rightfully valued, and certainly we’ve all made mistakes.


But please, if I sent a text photo of my personal body parts I don’t think anyone would refer to it as a “slip-up.” My family would likely take me to a loony bin. Seriously.

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