Defeating Terrorism

Just exactly what is terrorism? When is the United States under attack from within?

Is it from two young men who have been radicalized and who tallied up almost 300 injured, 14 with lost limbs, one critical, and 3 dead? Is that it? Does it end there?

Boston under siege. The city and surrounding ones shutdown. Police responses from all over–local, state, federal, including the FBI and specialist teams. Continuing and endless TV coverage.

Let’s look at another tally. How about over 200 injured, 14 dead, (most of them first responders) and dozens of homes and businesses destroyed? Look at the flames and screams that came from West, Texas.

The parent company of the West Fertilizer CO. in West, Texas–Adair Grain, Inc.–is being sued for negligence in last Wednesday’s massive explosion. The suits filed in McLennan County District court Friday and Monday reportedly charge Adair Grain, Inc. with “negligence in the operations of its facility, creating an unreasonable dangerous condition, which led to the fire and explosion” on April 17.

The small town of 2,800 was almost wiped out. We still don’t know the official reason for the fire and explosion. And numerous reports claimed the company was guilty of many violations over the years. In 2006 the Environmental Protection Agency cited several violations at the plant, namely the lack of a risk plan. The plant, which handled highly toxic materials located in the middle of a small town, reportedly had no sprinklers, water-deluge systems, blast and firewalls, and other safety measures.

No follow up was done and they were not added to any terrorist list (person or persons of danger). No one will question why that didn’t happen.

But and oh well. There was no need for a police response and manhunt in Texas. There is apparently not much need for TV coverage either. Just try and find any information about the blast. Ask around–see how many people have even heard of it.

Just exactly what is terrorism? When is the United States under attack from within?

When do the terrorists not have to be radicalized, come from another country, or even be Jihadists? Maybe when they are those in power. There will be no arrests in Texas. If a lawsuit is won, it will be years in the making and years of appeals. Those most in need of the money will likely be dead.

This is not to say that what happened in Boston isn’t horrific and monumental. Frightening. Terrifying. It is. But there will be justice and it will come to an end. As a country we will be more watchful. And we will know what is happening–TV coverage will continue.

But will we be more watchful of companies, corporations? Will we hold anyone accountable? Maybe, just maybe you need to know what terrorism is in order to defeat it.

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